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Matching the 150mm of travel out back, Santa Cruz equips Bronson frames with a matching 150mm travel Boost spacing fork, this time a Rock Shox Pike. I’ve ridden enough Pikes to know that it’s an excellent fork – but for this review, I spent almost the entire time on the new Cane Creek Helm Air.

Long Term Review: Four Seasons with the Santa Cruz BronsonLong Term Review: Four Seasons with the Santa Cruz BronsonLong Term Review: Four Seasons with the Santa Cruz Bronson At the tail end of last winter, I found myself down in Fletcher, NC to check out the new fork and get it installed and ready to ride. Just like the Bronson, this fork has been through a full four season riding period, starting in winter, and riding right up until this fall. Overall, I’m quite impressed with the fork. It has remained incredibly supple without loosening up in the bushings. I will say that some lighter riders may benefit from a lighter tune for the high and low speed compression circuits. I’m about 160lbs with gear, and I ran the High Speed  Compression setting wide open, and the Low Speed Compression in at four clicks. I also had the air volume adjust set in the lowest setting (technically I still had one more adjustment by removing the piston completely). However, I’m not exactly a trail destroyer so more aggressive, sendy riders should find the extra damping and progressiveness helpful. For me personally, I was quite happy with the final tune that I settled on, and had zero issues through the length of the review.

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